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  • antagonist:

    this fight is over. - turns around -

  • protagonist:

    -gets up and coughs up blood. - NoT YET

  • antagonist:

    dude what you're like almost cut in half? like just take the loss this time like i'll even call you an ambulance

  • protagonist:


  • antagonist:

    dude how is your spine supporting your body do you even believe in biology?? gross


Anonymous asked:

with the QCS Stuff, you have to write what is expected,not what you actually have to write, the basic thing that they want is: Someone decides to do something new; they are happy doing this thing; something happens that causes them to choose between the thing and something else (in one example it was between their job or helping an abused worker); then they lose the new thing; and then they are happy in the end anyway.

hahahah it’s ok chill I am pro at bullshitting the sort of crap that they like to eat up

we do practice tests that get marked by some of the old markers and they seem to like my ideas and all, even if they can’t seem to fully grasp exactly what’s happening (like the last marker couldn’t like sheesh I was explicit in my writing but they didn’t think it was explicit enough. still got a 2+ though)

we did a quick QCS writing thing in english where our teacher gave us a topic, and we had to write what the theme would be, the message and what type of writing (and genre) it’d be

the topic was belief, so I chose religion as my belief

My message was that many of the morals and ideals of all religions are outdated, and need to adapt and become more suited to our modern world.

My type of writing was speech

aaand the teacher thought that I shouldn’t have chosen religion because it’s “too obvious and predictable”

then she asked other students what their’s were about and all of them were corny as fuck stories about believing in yourself to achieve your dreams

miss seriously, that was an obvious one TO YOU not to them gosh of course they wouldn’t do religion

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